Breakfast Club

Our staff members are Nicola Smith NVQ3, Leanne Jones NVQ3 Manager and Charlotte Wilkinson NVQ3.  They welcome children from Moorside Primary School and from Twinkle Star.

We follow the holidays set by Moorside to enable our Parents to use us a childcare option.

We open term time from Monday to Friday 7:45 – 9:10am.

Children are welcomed by staff and given a breakfast option of cereal, toast, crumpets etc, along with fruit juices, milk and water.


The fees for children attending Breakfast Club are £3 per day/£15 per week, with a 10% discount for siblings.

Safeguarding Children

We make every effort to safeguard your child while they are at Breakfast Club.

Our staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid and current Safeguarding Procedures.

They are signed in by the staff on entry and signed out by Staff when they are taken to school.

Staff will communicate any messages to school if the need arises.


Superstars Breakfast Club

Hart House

234 Market Street



M43 7AZ

Tel: 0161 370 1111

Email [email protected]

Ofsted Ref number EY469016